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Book Description

This book can save you $100’s, $1000’s or even your life!

This must-have book goes where no book has gone before – the general side of backpacking. If you’re reading this, no doubt you’ve at some point probably paid good money for a Lonely Planet guidebook, only to realise that all the information is on Wikitravel… for free. You don’t need a Lonely Planet, but you do need this book.

If there’s one book to buy on backpacking, this is it!

Need a hostel to stay at? Go to Hostelworld. Need information about a place? Check out Wikitravel. This is NOT what this book is about. This book is about the really important parts of backpacking that people rarely give a thought to; the things that can turn someone’s dream holiday into the trip from hell. This book is here to prevent you being robbed, ripped off, lost, stuck, sick, confused, scared or in trouble. From money matters, insurance, visa issues and border-crossings to accommodation, partying and drugs; this book covers it all.

This book is jam-packed full of useful information that most travellers don’t even know about, backed up by funny stories of how things have gone horribly wrong. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a first timer, there’s sure to be many useful tips. Even if not a backpacker, the stories are sure to entertain and give you a good laugh.

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Author Bio:

The author has spent over 1100 nights in hostels across 37 countries and has done plenty wrong. Examples include getting lost in the Sahara desert, having a sword held to his throat and AK-47’s pointed at him, nearly burning down a Filipino village, running completely out of money numerous times, being denied check-in for an international flight, pooping himself in public, plus many more misadventures.

Topics Included:

Travel Prep
Organisation of your bookings, travel insurance, best credit cards to use.
In-depth packing considerations.
Planning Your Trip
Where to go when, whether to go alone or with a friend, if ‘dangerous’ countries really are that dangerous.
Organised 10+ Day Trips
Should you do an organised bus trip or do it yourself?
Reducing transport cost, visa considerations, security, immigration, sleeping in airports, etc.
Everything you need to know about hostels, Couchsurfing and camping.
Day Trips
Organised day trips vs doing it alone, hiking, high-altitude considerations.
Where to find the best party, how to be the life of the party, performing magic, where to take a girl, drugs and safety.
Money Matters
Where to keep your cash and credit cards, emergency cash and being prepared for border crossings.
Why you should learn other languages, where to learn them, how to have fun in other languages, Australian language and other language differences, how to tell if an Australian likes you.
What to take in a medi-kit, preventing food poisoning, difference between food poisoning and stomach bugs, different symptoms and funny experiences.
Taking Chances, Scams and Beggars
Taking chances, avoiding scams, how to tell if it’s a scam or not, assessing beggars if they’re legit or scammers.
Cultural experiences, fire safety, pickpocketing and theft, border crossings, getting through difficult times, changing location, trying different food, getting tailor made clothing, photography tips, issues specific to the tropics, dealing with the law, napping, feeling lonely.
Getting your Hippy On
Hippy stuff to try out.
Making, Saving, Spending Money
Getting free flights, how much to tip, haggling techniques, earning and saving money.
Summary lists and checklists.

Still Unsure?

Download a free sample chapter!

  • Chapter 1 – Travel Prep. Click here to download for free!
  • Chapter 12- Taking Chances, Scams and Beggars. Click here to download for free!
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